The Path

A walk along the boardwalk is heaven onto me.

So many sights of pleasure unknown to me.

One day I will climb the mountain peaks to see what I can see.

But for now I’ll enjoy the water that flow slowly beside me.

As I drift into the scenery around,

there is nothing more heavenly than the beauty abound.

A walk along the boardwalk to a place waiting for me.

At the end of this journey, I hope to be all I can be.



So Many Days

Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong

So many days have gone and I’m still all alone.

Sometimes the hours past and I wonder how am I to get along.

So many days have gone and my heart doesn’t seem strong.

Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong

Does the verdict of my life determine this dreadful song?

So many days have gone and I’m still all alone.


Beauty Is?

For many years I walked the earth frail in comparison to many. Slender and sleek I thought I appeared and pleasant when I speak.

But told by many how sick and empty of my frame and upkeep. Never beautiful or needed.

My self esteem quivered and shook and I was left defeated.

But when the wind blew my footing didn’t leave me stranded.

In a battle of strength these bones have placed a victory. I can’t be handled.

Over many praises of beauty many I use to seek.

Now know no matter big or small fat or sleek

My strength is more important than the lbs in whispers they speak.

True Love

Looking for a love as solid as a tree.

I never thought that could be you and me.

Two ships alike we pass as on the sea.

Through minds so tight each others inspiration we light.

Day or night

the fire will burn.

A love song lyrically our breathing will churn.

To hold you dearly my soul does yearn.

A fairy tale no one will know

Four seasons never lonely because our love continues to grow.


New Age Writing

Through paper and pen is how I begin but nothing seems to mean as much as the lcd screen.

Swiftly sliding my fingers between each letter therein, a knocking it gives when I’m close to the end.

The magic appears swifter than ink with an inappropriate smear.

A word processor at my fingertips and internal rogets to keep my syllables hip.

Nothing comes close to this modern technology so close,

Leaving college rule a mythical ghost.

Secret Seduction

When our eyes met, our breath and heart rapidly fired.

Mutual,  erotic suggestions exchanged in our view.

Stolen moments clocked by a correspondence or two.

At that very moment our journey began.

Word play abound containing hidden messages within.

Time and space if only we may,  nothing but opportunities and possibilities, a seductive escape.

Knowing we must not, oh, but the possibilities if we might.

Afternoon delights and intimate insights.

Consents through imaginations but radically a physical fight.

Nothing but distance between the two.

For lust and chance we bury in truth.

Before Darkness

Have you ever given the deepest parts of yourself?

Have you ever placed your fragile heart securely with another?

Have you ever given that you so desperately seek?

Have you ever been that someone’s missing link?





See I’m the crazy one

because them I see through.

Many mask they’ll wear

only to fool you.

Emotional despair the devils snare

to eternally trap you.

The End

Young and restless many live their lives.

So negative in daily wants and desires.

Unfulfilled by actual works to acquire.

Lead by erroneous gathering of intellect

Catastrophic decisions the mind makes.

So negative in today’s waits and unfulfilled by promised intakes.

Countless days now dissipate.