Poem #12: Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In

Taking place under the same sky
a defensive edge unexpectedly sharp
yellow lights of caution cause reactions
within the souls of the well known
signs of stress coming in fours
incomplete thoughts search for a point
within months of forgotten dollars
the internal struggle will soon be forgiven

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 14 2015

and it is with this one I say thank you! this has been a great half-marathon and i am honored to have been a part. i have had a blast and really had my wheels turn on some of these prompts! i cannot wait to read you all! much love, and blessings to you all. xx


Poem #10 – Poetry


Poetry brings inspiration to its reader
and it gives breath to the writer
and in my case, when I create –
I am showered in glistening stars

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015

Poem #9: In It

In It

At the end of the end of those years, his story was not complete, though some would liked to believe he finished that book. She tried to create this world in order to change history but so much was fiction but she did not know if she could even call it that as much as it was actually wishes. He did give her a ring. She suspected he had a plan, a secret one, and that the like he felt for her outweighed any love that could have come forward. She hoped that one day he would finally wake up and look at the family he could have in her and take this dream that was up above it and go down in it.

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015

Poem #8: Home


I fell apart
(we need you together)
I fell through
(we need you safe inside)
I fell down
(we need you up here)
I need to find my way
(we need togetherness)
I searched myself and got lost
(we need to find you)
I actually found myself finally
(we need you home)
I need to be home

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015

Poem #7: Belonging


opening up and sharing as the ground is met
it’s about being heard – my whispers go right through
the dead air or even the occasional “hmm – hmm”
no longer affects me as it once did
there is a time and the moments have come
a breakdown is about due
but sometimes that is the only way –
to clean the slate, to break it all down
then putting it back together
(with some new parts)
but why does it take this each time
to understand we belong in flight

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015

Post #5: Trust


You made it, and I’m so proud
look at the way you handle the now
You faced me with all you had
and now you see I am not that bad
Once you see I am another part of you
you’d never question what I do
I’m here to show you ways to feel
and how times you just have to be real
There are rules to life that are a must
for happiness, feel, allow and trust

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015

Poem #4: Boogeyman


Don’t look back, don’t turn around
do you really want to be found?
Check the cell, no damn reception
did you think you’d be the exception?
Trying to flee and the car doesn’t start
it seems that none of you are very smart
Girls shouldn’t fall every time they run away
and it is so not time to get naked and play
And, really, don’t let the villain off with one shot
I’d empty my clip, and give it all I’ve got

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015

Poem #3: Even If I Have To

Even If I Have To

I’ll take your abyss
and even if I have to
walk on a tightrope
the seemingly mundane
lights up all of this
I sink deep into your soul
I don’t even need air
no struggling to get away
where you have me –
is this place of feeling sensitive
I’m bleeding in a lightning storm

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015