Poem 12: The Toll of Toxicity

The Toll of Toxicity

The ghosts of my past have started to haunt me.

I know that they are really just humans, but that is scary nonetheless.

I am scared that they will hurt me

Or that someone will find out.

My life could be ruined by tomorrow!

I force myself to take a deep breath

I have wronged them but I’m safe now.

Safe from their taunting

Safe from their fighting.

All I did was cut them off

Ending my relationship with those toxic friends.

My anxiety eases

I am free.

My plan for the marathon

Hello everyone! I am going to be attempting to complete this marathon for the first time this year! I will be starting off by myself and am going to head over to a friend’s house in the afternoon so that we can finish together and make sure that we do not fall asleep. Best of luck to everyone else participating, you got this!