I Survived!

24 hour later, plus…

I had an internet issue, and didn’t get all my poems posted on hour, but I did write them on the hour…

but this time I made it 24 in 24!

7am – twenty-three – Hummingbird


as I gaze out the window pane
I see a tiny blur
zipping around the flowers
of a rose of sharon tree
the blur zips and zings
hovering here and there
as it drinks the nectar
from the hanging flowers
it hovers so briefly…

5am – twenty-one – no title

I miss the sounds of him
the tuning of his soul
the softness of his voice
as he leaves for the show
the gentle way he would
draw me into him
as he would leave each
time he would have to go…
I miss laying my head on
his chest and placing my
hand there too – to feel
his heartbeat – I miss him so

4am – twenty – Silence


the house is still
I can hear the wind
outside, blowing –
creaks and groans
of the old framework
and pops of the windows
break the solemnity of
the house
as I drift off into slumber

3am – nineteen – no title

my eyes grow heavy
my brain slows
the pen and paper are
mocking me
IDEA! i start the next
poem – only to
scribble out those
first horrible lines…
i struggle to string the
words together…
then suddenly i start
to write!
amazingly a poem forms
in the wee hours
of light…

2am – eighteen – no title

Laughter floats through the air.
Children’s screams of joy!
The lawn sprinkler shoots
cool water up towards the
hot, summer sun as
the kids run through!

1am – seventeen – no title

the fireflies light up the yard
dusk falls
soft music plays as we
relax on the porch
a glass of wine
light conversation
– yes, this is a wonderful summer evening…

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