Take That, Longing

(in a world without sound)
You can still scream
I mean
open your mouth and
flex your eyes
and your nose.
Wiggle your fingers
and waggle your arms.
Flailing is descriptive
just do it right.
Paper and pencil,
once charades isn’t fun anymore.
Just remember about
body language and sign
or whatever.
doesn’t need air
just pay some attentions.
When people plead the fifth
on their vocal cords
or ear drums I guess,
you can still slap them
and bap them or pinch
and hug them and kiss them
caress and confuse them.
Body language is more effective,
you know,
than words.
Stop being lazy.

Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire

Prancing renegade
flowing over the meadow
and through the grass
Unmeasured cadence
tiptoeing, twirling, cajoling
active and silent.
Gushing torrent
crashing vividly
Giggling with interaction
flirting as silk drapes
moving forcefully onward.
The gargoyle’s
long hard glances
are everlasting and petrifying
Monstrous yet motionless
affecting time itself
symbiotically, methodically, unwavering.
Flitting hellion
desirous and onerous
doesn’t relate to moderation
Ever-increasingly ravenous
and totally unhinged, effervescent spirit
of the mighty.
Control without mastery
are obviously
They have no intention, no direction
without a maestro
feeling and oriented.
Imagination at play
throws caution and
moves erratically
often stopped dead
but flickering,
alive in the interactions
of the four colossi
Training and grasping but
never tight enough
or long enough
or delicately enough
to withstand the
intentionless march.
at the feet of ancients
excitedly collecting scraps
Unaware in bliss
of the emptiness
and senseless violence of time.