Dear school friend

Dear friend

I remember the last time we met ,

The gossips we had , the frolic

Of having iced popsicles, and how

We parted away ,on that day, and now it

Has been years that we haven’t met

Our roads are different I know

But somewhere I hope we will meet

In rendezvous , I have faith in how the distance between us

Would only strengthen the bond between us

And I hope again , someday sipping into a

Clay – cup of masala tea

Maybe near the metro station of Rashbehari

We would spill the beans of long quelled

Secrets , laugh and giggle away at childhood jokes  and

Visit our favourite playgrounds as we did in

The tenderness of childhood .


Hello! I am S. Rupsha Mitra  a student from  Kolkata, India. This is the first time I am participating in the Poetry Marathon and I am too excited. I wish everyone all the best and hope it will fun .