Soft yet outspoken.

Demure yet dangerous.

Cultured and Clever.

Kind yet curt.

Frank but not ever fiction.

Confident and curious.

Humble yet Honest.

Solid yet flexible.

Hour 2: Double Vision

The moment before the sun rises.

The second before …day breaks open your all.

Thoughts that ring true.

The moment the clock strikes 12.

Moon signals.

Noon signals.


I no longer look for time. Time seeks me.

So connected to the screen our eyes are now fraught with seeing double.

Angel numbers pop up if as if our eyes are magnetized in pairs.

11:11… 1:11…2:22…3:33…4:44…5:55…

It’s now all about synchronicity.

Whether you believe or not evidence is there.

To be seen and not heard. It’s absurd.

Yes we see it all happening in real time.




“Draft Night” Hour 23

Finally you are the bell of the ball.

You are the star player.

We salute you for all your mystery and shame.

They tried to smear your name.

Not taking the time to realize your power and depth.

I liked the nightlife all the same…

You did not have to become popular once again for me to respect your claim.


The end is insight… Hour 24

The end is insight.

I loved every second.

Well almost.

The pangs of pain were not from my stomach, but from my brain.

Not a headache all the same.

I look forward to this pleasure pain principle.

…Until we meet again on this poetry plane.

Be safe and take care.

I’m sure when I edit you if the morning I will have different eyes.

Self-Portrait Gem Stone Hour 20

Who am I you ask?

I am sunshine in human form. I am a galaxy of energy unbound, I am a young star, a flower in constant bloom. I am duality of thought and singularity of action.

I am a soul within a body kissed by the sun and flecked with gold and brown kisses from angels who wear milk and dark chocolate lipstick.

I am a dancer in a body with legs that float on the earth, I glide. I dance into every room.  I walk with purpose and faith.

I am a model citizen who likes to share her voice and her face as if it were sacred geometry, occasionally her body tessellates if she has the space to roam free.

I am an artist in an academic body. Some call me theatrical and bold while others see me as shy and soft. I glisten and sparkle depending on how you handle me.

I am multifaceted and I am deeper than farthest shore. I am uncharted territory. I am more than the eye can see.  I am me implicitly.

Just Be…Hour 19

Use this image and/ or the line it contains “…just be still, and listen” as a jumping off piece. Full credit goes to Shlokla Shankar.

( This whole experience of being tired and yet inspred beyond belief has ellicited this message expressly for you and only you. Read carefully for the words contained within the lines below are powerful and true. Meditate on the meaning and all will be done.)

Just be still, and listen.

Listen for the “kokoro” of your heart.

Listen to your soul.

It has a name that is quiet and true.

When you listen. You receive the answers you need.

Sometimes you shush it away. Afraid of its voice and accuracy.

Listen and you will learn the calling of your heart.

The song of your soul…

Be still and see if a world of wonder does not open up expressly for you.

Almost out the blue you will find what you need at the appointed time.

The right call, the right everything will fall into place if you’re steadfast and true.

Do not get distracted by false prophets who mirror your journey. You hold the key.

This is a solo journey unto the uncharted territory of you. Be still. Listen…

You will believe again in magic. You will know again what if feels like to be whole.

Let the words spill from your soul unto the page.

Let the canvas reveal all that you love and desire in one breathe.

Take time to discover the sweet reveal.

Like now, can you hear in the dead of night when the world is quiet prayers are answered and dreams may begin to reveal.

Find your rhythm, uncover the path.  A way is being prepared for you. Be patient my love. Listen first to you and then all your desires one by one you will see come true.

As you write the words on the page it is happening as you create, and sometimes that creation begins with you. still and listen.

It will be done.

It is so.