Car Peace

The Afternoon claim’s my time.
Where my safe haven is inside my ride.
My windows become my eyes
granting me protected views into the world.
The mechanical air chills my soles
as my feet rest upon the dashboard.
Relaxing to the sound of a bird’s melody.
Nestled into my seat, I find a nap that calls me.
My car gives me a perfect little piece of peace.

Sleep Soundly

Peace be upon you during
the midnight hour.
May the nature of silence
call you to calm and protect your mind from negative perceptions of self.
May the air kiss your skin
providing relaxation and comfort.
May your dreams recall moments of pleasure into manifestations of your future endeavors.
May you sink into yourself and breathe the deepest breaths.
May this be your most of soundly sleep yet.

Them and Me.

I wish for a release from
the energies that bind me.
The ones that wish to control and defined me.
I don’t belong to them, I belong to me.
These juvenile texts are used
to express what I feel.
Does that not make them all the more real?
Yet still, I struggle with desires to please others and cater to their needs.
I wish I could explain this need to please.
It’s like a cancer that has plagued my being.
I’m always concerned with how they think of me.
Like a crossroads of caring about what others perceive and how I care only
about what I see in me.
It’s as though I live for them and me.
It’s a strange place to be.

I Live Inside Me

I live in a place that’s quiet, yet outspoken.
I dwell in a space that is a moment unspoken.
It’s a time chosen.

Where the mortgage is paid and
the taxes are free.
Where I seldomly get visitors,
which is fine with me.

I’ll take the cracks in its surface
and appreciate their beauty.
This has been my home.
Where I don’t choose him or them.
Where I chose me.
It’s when I’m alone
and oftentimes at peace.


Hello everyone, my name is Sanobia. This will be my first poetry marathon, so I chose the half marathon option to start with. I look forward to seeing the results and the words that will come to me. Peace and light to you all.