Brimming with Excitment



How is everyone this fine day?

That is, it’s day for me here in Queensland Australia… 12:30 on a cool winter’s day.
The sun is shining however it lacks real warmth unfortunately.

I am excited to be participating in the Poetry Marathon, mostly because poetry and writing have been the two longest passions of my sixty years. Seldom does a day pass when I don’t write something.

I believe my love of writing blossomed due to an isolated childhood living in the Australian wilderness, mostly in a mobile home. I lived in town with populations of as little as 20 people, although often my family lived in complete isolation, at abandoned towns or by a river or stretch of coast.

My younger brother and I did home school and rarely connected with children of any age.
And that is where my great love of writing and Nature comes from.

In recent years I taught myself digital art/manipulation which I like to create to illustrate my writing.
I’ve never been published or made any money from writing or art… but one never knows what the future holds.

Have fun everyone and happy writing!


PS – One last thought, I am a little confused about the Time Difference between  Queensland Australia and when the starting time is… can someone help me with this?



…down meandering paths
my feet wandered
passed mosses and shadowy glens…
rainforest surprises round the curve of every bend
chiming birdsong echoed
in moist verdant vales
and far above the tangled trees
pearlescent clouds sailed….
laughing waterfalls tumbled
down mountains I adore
and as if intoxicated by the very air
I felt my spirit soar…