hour 18 prompt-just be still, and listen

my brother, bless him,

was the sort of child

who had the energy

of a ferret wild

he never met a tree

his limbs did not christen

his weaponized eyes

with tears would glisten

my mother’s imploring refrain

“just be still, and listen”


hour 17 prompt-image prompt


the dark hangs heavy

over the bridge this night

as shadows play

near dim pools of light


two distant silhouettes

distant enough that

were they to merge

they would embody affection

even to prejudiced eyes

that on closer inspection

would then reject it

and quote a definition


Love was never gender’s slave








The Masterchef

Prompt 24 : A gift, real or imagined (For my Mom)


Her recipe book is unique

her flavors, true delight

Her cooking is an alchemy

transports with every bite


A tinge of heat, then something sweet

her balance is just right

And were that not enough

her smile is sunshine bright


Her heart shows in all she does

her talents are outstanding

But the greatest gifts she gave me

were her love and understanding







The Road Not Taken

Hour 23 : Random Prompt used: Took the Title of the Robert Frost Poem, but changed the poem completely


In moments of screaming solitude

reflection pays a visit

and digs up questions

I’d rather stay buried


where is the sense

in disturbing the earth

already well settled

chasing chimeras of

“What if”s and ” maybe”s


Where is the sense

in wishing for the road not taken

when the one I took

has shaped my life’s story


And wishing for it to not be so

is wishing I were not me




Paint a Picture

Prompt 22 : Poem inspired by the photo


Shine, flow, grow, breathe

if only greed were not our creed

light, water, earth, air

we always had all we ever need

Tu me manques (You are missing from me)

Prompt 21 : Poem for what I’m longing for most right now


“I miss you” does not suffice

Madam English falls far short

so to convey my pain’s depth

to Mademoiselle French I resort


We’ve been apart for months now

memories are all that sustain

You are embedded in my soul

my most beloved refrain


So here’s to our reunion

whenever that may be

Tu me manques, Dear Travel,

You are missing from me








An Ode To a Candle


Prompt 20 : Poem about a light source


It colors the night

in shades of light

paints the dark

with strokes stark


lines from faces

its magic erases

its luminous dye

adds sparkle to the eye


Nothing evokes the same glow

as a warm candlelight yellow


Hour 19 : Poem on Loss


These lies we tell

about who we are

dilute our reality

make our living subpar


lesser versions of who

we are meant to be

neither caged

nor are we free


No accomplishments can fill

the spaces on the shelf

left vacant by this loss

this loss of our self







A Very Irish Story

Prompt 18 : narrative poem about an incident during my travels in Ireland


It happened one evening

in a town called Dingle

that found me in a pub

I was dining quite single


A new phone served as

a conversation starter

and saw 3 strangers inquire

If I’d like to hang out after


The hours that followed

I will never forget

From a clueless tourist

I became a local instead


We made our way from

one pub to another

In Guinness and music

the night was smothered


Until my new friends

In unison did declare

“We need a drinking machine”

That’s what ATM’s are called there



A Childhood Memory

Hour 17, using Prompt 9 (5 words used)

Firefly in a bottle

by the bedside

light up nights that wear

a mask of terror

to childish minds rife

with notions strange

A blanket of magic

to guard over dreams

not yet singed by the heat

of banal logic’s dictates