Empty at the bottom.

If the world was a whisky bottle

I would swallow it whole.

Like a drunkard drains the bar,

The bartenders stores

and always finds it empty.

At the bar,

The only thing I ever found

at the bottom of the glass

was me a little drunker,

The only problems I was able to escape

were problems I didn’t help create.

We’re all empty

At the bottom of the glass,

And at the bar

The bartender stores

The little last peace of a heart.

The last bit of pride

Of some young tart

The brains of a lost art.

The foolish ramblings

Of a fool from the start.


Hour Twelve. In motion

The planets move like in a ballet.

Like seeds in the sky tethered together.

You would think they were light as a feather,

but it is the weight of the world that thrusts us onward.

Like the weight of our hearts weaves us together,

So the heavens are moved by each other,

Never finding one another the same.

Twould otherwise be a boring game.

Hour Five. Morning Star.

I fell like a star from the sky

A ball of flame to blackened ground

As I stood in darkness

Fallen from the heights

Of great and luminous beings

I stood on earth liberated

I felt free and well

To think as I please

A challenger to that tyrant

Who would call himself god

No man is god to me

and no man should be

a god but to himself.

I stood amoungst man

Who called me Morning star,

Lucifer to their tongue,

I am the great illuminator,

Of light and knowledge

Of truth for oneself,

I gave them their right

to their own minds.

Of knowledge for good,

Or evil, No one being

purely either

I gave them also burning desire

For knowledge and truth,

For passion and pleasure,

For hate and love,

For the coo of a dove,

Or the howl of the wolf

That primal nature

Which all men harbor

For power and glory

For their own honour

Man stood mystified and fearful

Then some lamented

Their loss of innocence

Some foolishly wished only for bliss

A blind kiss from some misbegotten holiness

But you cannot have joy without pain

You cannot know glory without first knowing disdain

A man can’t truly live life without death

A life isn’t lived without loss

For with nothing to lose there is nothing to gain

So I be a snake in the sand?

Or am I something more grand?

Truth must be sought

Like Liberty is forever fought

While some kneel or bow

I stand strongly sound

Forever a rebel

I fight for my own heart!




Hour Eight. We need…

We need a change of pace.

We need a new found place,

In our hearts and in our minds,

Of our own fashion and design.

We need a revolution but it has to start

In our own self and in our own heart.

We need to start a fire a burning desire

For knowledge and truth

for the sake of itself.

Unabashed, Uncorrupted, Untainted by our ego’s.

We need to put people in their place.

We need less bullies in this place.

We need innovation and creation.

A place without devastation

We need more peace and less war

We need to open another door

We need more love for all

we all need to stand tall

Let no man stand above the other,

but let us all serve one another.

Hour Two Poem.

In soft moonlight

On a clear

Calm night

The trees

Silhouetted by the stars,

I met the devil

A handsome fellow

He was quite charming

A trifle alarming

He greeted Good Morning

I should have taken,

Mothers warning

To never trust

A man past midnight

Riches I can bestow

upon you he said

A treasure island

He whispered

The air suddenly crisper

the soft moonlight

waning in after hours

my prospects sour

I asked him dour

Be honest now devil

Of what do you speak?

He replied

Up the River

An Island betwixt

The two river branches

Lies the treasure

but you’ll measure

it’s worth for yourself…

Hour one post. Atlantis Ruined

Tridents clash,

And rocks they smash

In the depths

of Atlantis Deep.

Leviathan and his kin

Making ruin of it.

Scaled and scared

An old war dog,

Brains waterlogged

Vengeance in mind

For his time

Ridiculed by mermen.

Poseidon answers

When trumpets sound

Calls his arms to war

They wrangle in the weeds

Of the deep sea

And bloody red torrents

Run free.

Like scarlet bright

Lit by sunlight

Swirling all around.

Atlantis gave,

And became a grave

Forever, to those bound

By scaly beasts

And pointy teeth

Never to be found.



I will be participating in the 24 hour marathon If that is the full marathon no idea really.