“The Reef”

Alone in the reef-

The strain of time begins to wear on my flayed nerves.

The sweltering sun beats upon my frayed mind.

Fat flies buzz above my head, seemingly awaiting my impending demise.

I long to shed this disguise.

Swatting these pests has become a strenuous task.

Lack of sustenance has led to a hallucinations.

A sip of water,

A taste of beef.

There is nothing here in the reef.


“Fishing for Life”

I plundered through the weedy brush for endless hours.

In search of food,

In search of life.

I was left with no choice, but to go fishing.

Fishing for food,

Fishing for life.

Thus I made a makeshift pole with swampy reeds and flimsy, torn fabric from the sailor.

Mind you I am no fishing pole tailor.

Put quite simply it is fish or starve.

So here I sit fishing for food, fishing for life.

“Skeletal Sailor”

I awoke under the silvery, soft moonlight.

To be honest I was clueless as to where I was.

I slowly surveyed my surroundings.

I was on a sandy beach with spikey palm trees to the right of me and spikey palm trees to the left of me.

Before me lay the black sea.

Behind me lay the bones of some misfortunate sailor.

The skeletal arms shone pale in the silvery, soft moonlight.

It was then that I noticed that the skeletal sailor was holding a worn, ancient chest brimming with shiny gold.

Somehow I had washed ashore the legendary Treasure Island.

“The Deep”

The icy cold liquid is wrapped around me.

Dragging me further below the surface.

Into the deep.

I feel the air bursting within my chest.

Fighting for release,

Fighting to escape.

Into the deep I plunge.

My eyes remain shut to the frigid, watery darkness that consumes all in its path.

I sink deeper as the bubbles make a hasty retreat.

My eyes betray me,

I see a mythical creature from the deep.

Poetic Valkyries and Viking Warriors

375784_2121537601434_1335656884_31913728_1893928340_n“Poetic Valkyries and Viking Warriors”

The little girl stood shivering,

Bottom lip quivering,

So secluded,the


She peers from her purgatory where she has been locked away.

Watching the monsters,

Demons, dragons,

And the fiends of hell,

Dance merrily,

Amusing the devil.

Suddenly, a midst the fiery dungeon.

Murkiness is turned to light.

There are Valkyries and Viking Warriors,

Armed to the teeth with magical weapons!

Slaying the unholy beasts,

They are here to rescue the little girl!

Strong, comforting hands try to coax

The little girl out of her hiding place,

They free her from the chains that bound her,

Oh do please avert your eyes, my beautiful saviors,

Or I will not come out,

For I am ragged and weary,

I do not want you to look upon my ugliness.

Scars have left me disfigured!

Come silly little one do you not see we all are scarred.

The exquisite Valkyries and Viking Warriors,

Grabbed the girls hand once again,

Dragging her into the light,

Banishing the villainous creatures to whence they came.

Good Laughs Haiku

“Good Laughs Haiku”

Wipe-out, splash, crash, bash.

Awe-some laughs come to mind now.

From a time a-go.



Wisps of spider webs,

Tangled webs of lies spun,

This spider never spins webs of truth.



I know not which is worse,

Deceitful little spider liars,

Weave you webs elsewhere.

Pound of Flesh

“Pound of Flesh”

Here is your pound of flesh,

The meat you wish to pulverize,

Spinning, Falling,

Am I Alice did I fall down a rabbit hole?

Twisting, writhing,

No escape,

The merciless feigns will have their pound of flesh,

Have you not had enough?

Take your pound of flesh,

Have at it then.

Only A Dream

“Only A Dream”

Dreams of waterfalls, sunshine,

Rainbows, and lush green fields with colors abound,

A breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

I am most assuredly dreaming.

If so leave me be,

Do not wake me,

Let me roll around in the fields, stare at the sky,

Find silly shapes in the clouds,


It is gone, I woke up,

It was only a dream.

Bad Memories

“Bad Memories”

This was bound to happen,

Elusive morning,

Damn you!

Precious, pretty memories are no more.

Rushes in the violence,

Memoirs of a broken,

Battered woman.

Sixteen, pregnant most assuredly no child.

I do not know why he beat her

With that ax handle,

But he did.

She was only protecting her daughter.

I can speak no more of this,

Pain tears at my soul,

Tears wrack my body.