It does not exist because I believe in it,

But I believe in it because it exits

It’s all over the place, in everything you come across,

In all you mesmerize, in every day of morning sun,

In every colour of sunset, in every glance of moonlight,

In every soul, broken or strong


You may not believe me when I say I have felt it too,

Whenever my soul is in presence of yours

You may not trust me when I say I have seen it too,

Whenever my sight has a glance of your sparkling eyes

You think I have turned lunatic when I ensure it again,

Whenever your smile radiates the deepest strengths


And then one day you will feel it too,

But by then I would have gone away,

Away from you, away from us,

Away from sphere for anyone to seek

Yes it exist more strongly when you feel it within,

It’s because of it I am able to pen it down for you


Prompt 1

I am just a creature made of clay

Because fire isn’t made to play,

I am the soul who’s always at peace

Because in my territory violence cease,


I am the human full of light

Because in my life sadness has no right,

I am a faithful friend

Because cheating means the end,


I am here for you all,

If ever in life you fall,

I am far away from loan

Because all I own is my own,


I am feeling tiredness

Because my day was full of stress,

But I am not going to fall down

Because I still have my crown