Hour 24: Victoria

I am at safest place

I am at my favourite place

To rest

To lay down

To find inspiration

To feel loved

Luckily it is my home

My real home

I feel warm

It’s not just the building

It’s the people inside it,

My home, located in Victoria Garden, Bekasi, Indonesia

Hour 23: Favourite Snack at Night

I am always hungry at night

But, I don’t want to eat main course

I want snack,

But not sweets,

My last resort,

As always, slice of cheese,

Not to sweet, not to sour

Perfect for late night snack

Perfect for additional flavour in pasta, bread, spicy food,

Oh cheese, you are so multifunctional,

I love cheese

Hour 22: Alarm

It’s the time
Come on, raise up
It’s the time

Don’t fall asleep
It has not finished
it is almost done

Wake up! You have been napping
Wake up please
Wake up please

You need to wake up
I am your alarm
Wake up to reach your goal
Wake up to see new opportunities
Wake up, wake yourself up
You haven’t done yet

Hour 21: Ode to You

I adore every words come from your mouth
I adore you
I adore everything of you
I adore, adore you so much

Your charisma
Oh Gosh, it radiates strongly
It penetrates to my heart

Your red lips, your brown eyes
Your strong jaws
Oh Gosh,
I am so lucky to have you

Perfect smile, perfect companion of me
Perfect guard
Too Impeccable for me

The one who never leaves me alone
The one who sees potential in everything
The one who always be with me

Thank you, you are an answered prayer of mine.

Hour 20: Night Stroll

My body shivers
I blame the freezing wind
Oh it’s not, I forgot to wear thick jacket

Human has to adapt
Not blaming the situation
I grin

The sky is dark
I should get home
But it’s still far away

I see the sturdy building
I see the history
I see art
Oh Lord, how blessed I am
I am able to see the other sides of the world
London is so pretty

Far away from home,
Ah hot tea is my best friend
I am blessed

I enjoy the night stroll, something that might become memories
When I am back at home

Hour 19: Realisation

I’ve been running this far,
I should not give up,
I’ve been running this far,
I am asking myself,
What’s for?

An over-thinker yet ambitious
A woman who wants to be independent
Yet insecure

It’s normal,
It’s normal,
You don’t have to be okay everyday
Just live your life,
Achieve your goal,

Yes, I have some goals,
I know the reason why I am alive,
To serve my Creator,
To spread love,

Now I am not at the place I’ve been dreaming
I am on the way to it, I am in transit,
To prepare myself,
For other challenges and  step of my life,

I am an idealistic
I am a reble
I love to travel
I am thirst of more
I am eager to explore
When the time is right, when the time is right

Hour 18: Quiet

You need to love yourself more”

My heart whispers to my body
While my hand is still typing
While my eyes are getting red
While my mind is stressing

I can’t listen to my heart
I keep working
I am getting insane
Depression is coming

My mind and heart are fighting
Then the heart wins
I colapse,
I should’ve listened,
I need to be quiet, now I am quiet.

Hour 17: Serenity

Walking outside the building
My heart flutters
The fire burns inside the building
Fire of people
Fire of anger
Fire of greed

I walk, walk over
Avoiding myself to get burnt
I walk, walk further

I need to find my home,
I only need myself, book and nature,
I need to stop,

Oh time, can you stop? I need to rest
I need to find my serenity,
I need to refresh my mind

Enough, It’s enough, leave me alone.

Hour 16: Smell Love

I sniff the delicious smell
It makes me smile
I run over to the outside
I find nothing

I come back
I run to the back of the house
I find nothing

Then, I see something shining from the kitchen
The smell is getting strong
I smile,
It’s my favourite food, made by my mom,
With love.

Hour 15: Challenge

The time was confusing
I’d rather choose my safe place
I’d ┬árather choose my current zone

But, I was bored
I needed more challenges
I needed changes in my life

I took it,
I said yes to it,
I changed my life,
It was hard decision, hard condition
But I took it

Now, my life is different,
And I never regret I took it.

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