Creation in its smallest from is something that not many people see or believe

A single event in a single time on a split from the world that has created it

But what of those things that the world has not create or refused to acknowledge

What stands between the world that exist and that of a time that has past us by

The creations we seek are not the things that catch are sight or interest

They are the things that make us invisible to the world outside

The large and small things that make us think about all the other things we see and hear

Creations of what they do make us question whether or not the world sees itself

Always wanting more than what is required

Questioning if the things we do is correct or if they lack that something special for the full creation requested

What will the world create in the absence of time and in the void of darkness

Something remembered only when fear and loneliness take over what is not seen

A creation forgot in the wake of time and the lack of all else

The world will always become something greater

And the creations that came in its wake is something that will be un-measurable in time

Yet the world will continue in its unmistakable creation of things to come

The World Creates

The world creates small and impossible things

Something that is and always has been forgotten to others

Things that only exist to those that take turns and watch them grow

Small things that no one can see

Or just things that that have become inconvenient to most

Those that find the world to slow in its turning and too slow to be noticed

Will never see the small things that are being made and frown in the world around

There is always something more than the big things that you can see so well

What of the sunset you see as you quietly sit on a bench under a tree

Maybe it’s the bird that wakes you in the morning as you lay in bed and smile

It could be smile you get when you have the one person say how much they care for you

The small things are what we miss the most when no one is watching

They are sometimes the beginning of the day

And at other times they end the day on a smile

The world races around itself in hopes that things will one day be better

And yet no one had come to the thought or the ides that the world’s race is what helps everyone miss the small things

To slow down and see the world as it has always been

Would be something that no one in this world is willing or wanting to do

Keep Finding

What keeps one finding that that was never done

For they cannot see the world as it should be

What finds them hunting for the wrongs that another does

How is their world held together when wrong is all they say

That which is done is never truly done as long as they see what is left behind

A world that takes only that where they find all wrong

Where can one find true bliss if it is never done their way

How does one search for that which was once for love

When what was done before was done as two

But now it lies to one to finish

Yet even when an attempt is made to make another happy

The wrong is still what is found as the day goes on

Where will one stand when their attempt is not accepted

Even if the wrong is completed it is still a wrong that was never done

The hope stands tall that one day all will be done right

But even then a wrong will be found

And yet the world will still turn to the perfection of one

But a wrong can never be right by the other

The day will go on and another wrong will be connected

But hope stands faith that the wrong will be right

And yet still a wrong will be found

Wave Upon Wave

I forget the world I once had as a child that grew

The imagination that was created in the world’s that I wrote

At a time when escaping the world around me was a better choice

When things where different and the world was simpler

As long as the time was available and no one was around

I escaped to a world that was all of my own

A place that I could make things as I wanted

In a time that I could lose minutes on top of hours on top of days

My world was something that could help me and hinder me

For the world that I create could be a place I could never leave

From character to character and day to day

Once I was inside and caught the outside world would just melt away

As to why I left that world I will never know

And the more I try the less of the world I see

To become lost in a world that was once me

When can I find my true self

And where will I be when that world comes crashing on me

I wait for the waves that once over came me

That closed around me and invaded everything I was

For the creativity that was once my whole world

Where will my creativity come from and when

I am ready for wave upon wave of worlds to create

And for a time that I can lose minutes upon hours upon days

What you Truly Want

What happens when what you truly want comes your way

Do you feel for the life that you should have had

Or do you think of the things that should have been

Do you sit and think of what would have been in a life that was changed

Why do you question what could have been after the choice was made

Choices are things that make you the person who you will become

The things that you meet head on are the things you are meant to meet

The world does not chose for you

Your life is a choice that you make

You can be that one person that is the saddest and regrets all that was done

Or you can accept the choices that  you made and continue to move forward

Continue on your path and do what you can to make your best choices

Remember that when you truly get what you want it’s not always what you truly wanted

For a Wish

A wish for that which has been long gone and forgotten

A time and hope that held the one thing that had been a want and not a need

The forgotten world that is remembered on a whim

The memory of a dream that had once held the hope of the unbroken

A simple wish said as the head lays on a pillow

Will the dream come true and the hope that something new is coming

The thought that things would happen in the simplest way

An unknown with a small look and a simple smile

What becomes of a simple dream when the world changes the hope

When did the wish change, the hope fade and faith become thin

Why did the world change so much of a simple dream

The smile fades and the world continues to grow

And without knowing the dream becomes something more

A forgotten wish becomes a new glow in the dark

The wish was never forgotten just placed to the side as the world began to turn

The words of the wish are whispered in a silent night and remembered time

Let the wish of that dream become a shooting star that will never be forgotten

See it shine in the night when the night seems the darkest

The faith and hope of the wish shines bright

The Light of Tomorrow

As the night comes and the world lays its head down to rest

The mind begins to run and question

What will the world be like tomorrow

Will we walk like the others

Or will we make an imprint on a world that is at a constant change

Should we give up that which makes our day go on

What kind of world will I leave when the night comes and the world rests

Was my change the day before enough to make things happen

Or should I continue to change that which surrounds me

Will it make a difference if I stand and watch

Can I become like the others and stand by

Simply waiting for that which was promised

On a day long ago when the world had just begun

And then again the night approaches and the light goes away

The world goes to sleep and the silence is all that exists

The stars far above lighting up the blackened sky

And we sleep resting and waiting for that next tomorrow

In hopes that we can change that which surrounds us

Let the world know that we are ready for the tomorrow