Prompt 6 doggy pic

He knows the rules

but he rules my heart instead

and there he goes

looking at me as I look at him

knowing that he knows he rules my ❤️ heart

Prompt 5 …using five words


Let’s knit the space away with sunflowers matching your smile

drink wine like there’s no tomorrow

nailing all sadness to the cross

as our thoughts meander

no pavement separating our paths forged together




Prompt 4 100 years ago


whips and chains were not the beginnings of me

instead we roamed the islands you call Caribbean by canoe, traversed lush green lands as one, planted and hunted wild agouti, sheltered in ajoupas we knew as home. Lead by caciques, a governed people living in harmony with the lands.

until ships came another ancestor from another land

and another and another all making me what I am


Explosion of 💕 love


if Mother Earth exploded beneath our feet

she’d lay love on the ground

our steps cushioned

our world a painting of vibrant emotion

we’d use all our senses

to not only love but live

upon this earth we claim


Prompt 2 image


Am I reaching for you

or you for me

my shadow lurks between

as the sun and sky rests upon my back

And I long to know what holds me up

As I reach for you

or perhaps you reach for me





Prompt 1 Water


a jet of cold hits my tempered brown skin

my nakedness shudders

i hold my breath

a part of me still sleeps entwined in cotton sheets

a part of me walks through my past,

And I think how did I reach here so fast

and still a part of me runs towards the future,

having skipped over this moment

my body shudders

and I have to will myself back

back to the awakening

And I hold on to the blessings that flow

and breathe softer

as what no longer serves

flows away from me


Prompt 3. Repeated lines

The rain drips

the rain falls

raindrops splash on the concrete floor

the rain drips

the rain falls

raindrops lash the green Monstera leaves

the rain drips

the rain falls

raindrops suddenly are no more

no drips

no falls

no drops

but still the thunder roars