#prompt 14, natural environment with unnatural environment

The old mansion lay

At the end of road

Haunted, said many

Whose thinking was not broad

Rich history that surrounded

Warmness that seeped

Tainted by superstition

Years of stories reaped

Insides dark

And full of terror

Outside as summer plays

It become nature’s bearer

Climbers cling to stone

Wild flowers every corner

Sun glints off window

No sign of master former

The moss covered concrete

Tree house in the old tree

Nohuman to ruin

Nature here is free

There may come one day

A life in these old lanes

For now it retains

A human creation without chains

Dance and Sword

An evening full of shower

A girl’s coming out

The music got slower

As she stepped out

The lad moved about

Trying to sneak a peak

The girl stayed hidden

No features of her leak

A collective gasp sounded

As she came in full view

There was a scramble

Every song introduced someone new

She danced all night

All night she twirled

She followed every ritual

She posed in her frills

As the night ended

She thanked her partner

And eagerly got back

She donned her armour

The sword gleamed in her hand

As she swished it around

The night came to full end

With her last deathly dance round


All the girls out there who would rather kill then love, say Woohoo!!

To stop and think

About our action

To realize before

What the future holds

To not neglect

What moral asks of us

To not hesitate

In helping others

To remember

That nothing is ours

To learn

That everything is

To run

Towards our goals

To know

When to stop

If we can’t do this

What life we live

What life we give


So that we may stop and think and realize what we are doing right now.

The ancient Gods lay broken

As the new ones usher

The teachings of soul

Long forgotten by mankind

Now they learn only

About sins and flesh

Every action bringing

God’s wrath on human

While a peaceful civilization

Resided in those times

The times of nature

When we prayed

To Forest Gods

We prayed to those

Who gave us life

Who sustained us

And yet we forget

In the blindness

Of flesh and sin

The life lived

Given by one and only

Mother Earth


To mother nature, who is the only God alive to help us grow.

Faint sounds echoed

The ghost memories

That surround and fill

Our older selves

With the feeling of nostalgia

The passing of notes

Those fights over nothing

Smuggling of money

To eat junk food

Laughter that broke

The fights of hours

Standing in corridor

Without any shame

Grumbling about homework

Pulling it off in a night

And today we stand

In an empty hallway

With only memories

And a smiling old friend


I miss school and all those stupid things that looked too big at one time.

Lover of sleep

Lay in her bed

As the owl hooted

A cricket chirped

As the stars twinkled

And the moon smiled

A face in her mind

A conversation to remember

A single glance offered

A smaile that broke

And then only one feeling

Left to feel

And so the sleepy girl

Stayed awake.


I missed an hour cause I blinked and didn’t open my eyes again for an hour. I’m not going to make this mistake again.


She ran behind the star

Clutching the jar and hope

Arching over the sky

It disappeared without a show

Her hands shook as she watched

Her chance walk away

She screamed when she saw

Another coming her way

To gather some stardust

And wish for a mother

She ran and ran and ran

After one or the other

Silly girl didn’t know

Stars are not made for jar

Yet she ran paying no heed

That today was a meteor shower


On the good day of the meteor shower. May we all get to see some of them.

What is it?

What is it

That makes you go?

Makes you wake up

Go outside and survive

Makes you interact with people

That you may lose one day

makes you take a walk

That may end with your life

Makes you smile

When you want to cry

Makes you look at clouds

And dream of sun

Takes you from a dull class

To flying between birds

Makes you look at calendar

And prepare for tomorrow

What is it

That makes you hope

For a better tomorrow?



It’s hope to finish this Marathon that has me awak,  just so you know.



A painting lay forgotten

In an old little corner

New set of dark eyes

Watch unnerving dead ones

A caramel coloured face

Full of burning scars

A tilt on her mouth

A lift to the eyebrow

Disgust on alive one’s face

At the ugly little picture

Careless shrug of indifference

The story doesn’t end here

Tracing the old scars

Day in and day out

Loving small things

Of a dead person’s face

The ugly little picture

Now a world to him

Framed in the centre of room

She watches over her house


I had this idea for a story for a long time. So the poem it is.

The balls lay around

Like scattered leaves

Ideas on the crumpled page

Head between knees

Jumble of words

Bouncing around in brain

Broken pen makes page bleed

Heart makes hope refrain

Closed eyes and dripping tears

Drop and smudge the lines

On troubled soul

Disappoitment dines


Only fourg hour and this poem tells my story.  -_-#