Alone on the Side of the Pond

Alone on the Side of the Pond

At high noon and alone I am still in my case.
Looking through the eggshell reflecting my own face.
One that is quite foreign, but much like all the rest.
Never did I question, Is living just a test?
Every other mayfly born into this garden

only has a slim chance or a beggar’s bargain.
Never have I ever witnessed it so clever,

the cycle of nature and the natural order.
Here in the Zen garden which has filled in quite nice,
Each one standing up straight, aromatic and spiced.

Six vie for the spotlight, circling the border.
Indexed against the fence tiger lilies delight.
Double blooming peony, you are so dear to me.
Each head hung like a mop playing a symphony.

Oh how I love the spring, and all of her trimmings.
Fortune favors the bold, and to her the winnings.

The circle of life/death it repeats every day.
Howl if you must, you can’t change it, this is the way
Every ecosystem, every terra world forms.

Puddle, lake or river the mighty Mayfly lives.
On throughout the eons, he takes what nature gives.
Never thinking past now, look to the seeds you sow,
Don’t step on planted rows, pay back what you still owe.

Hour Four, 12pm

Alone on the Side of the Pond
(form Acrostic/ /Kiln, Alexandrine series 4 of 24)
Charlie the Mayfly.


Lives only to Breed

Lives only to Breed

Lives only to breed, to fulfill a need.
Inside the frog pond, he’s stuck to the pail..
Virtual mayflies in my mind all feed.
Eggs are like hope-seeds when planted to fail.
Solely alive long enough to create

one in the soil, at the end of the day.
New copies, reproduce and procreate.
Listen. Try to find a way through the fray.
You know there’s an important task at hand,

There is a new natural order of things
Order is the only rule of this land,

Broken, how the caged bird sings. When the slings
reach the fortress wall. King Bird landed soft.
Every egg exposed when mixed in the broth.
Every mayfly lives for breeding. Feeding
ducks and toads in mostly marshy seating.

Hour Three, 11 am
Lives only to Breed
(form Acrostic/ Sonnet 3 of 24)
Charlie the Mayfly.


The Time, it is against Us

The Time, it is Against Us

The time, it is against us.
How the hour is getting late. Wait!
Easy, Charile… take you time and trust us,

Tempt fate and find your mate,
if you use what you have wisely.
Minutes, like dog-years blindly
erasing each hour off the clock.

“Invest your time wisely.” they say.
Time flies when you are having fun this way.

“Into each life some rain must fall.”
Surely, time is on my side.”

Another hour, another year,
going in circles, have no fear.
Another trip around the pond,
in search of soul mate for a song.
Never mind the one eyed toad,
stay in sight and off the road.
The mighty Mayfly takes to flight,

under the hosta and out of the light,
she appeared to his delight.

Hour Two, 10 am
The Time, it is Against Us
(form Acrostic/ Sonnet variation/series 2 of 24)
Charlie the Mayfly.


A Life in the Day (of the Mayfly)

A Life in the Day (of the Mayfly)

Alight. All burning bright. Alive. Awake.

Like the Damselflies, Dragonflies and Mayflies;

in summer. Some last a couple years,

fewer don’t make it through spring,

even others live for just one day.

In the bog. There on lily pad

nestled atop the bent frond on

the frog pond, I hear a faint sound,

hidden under the gum wrapper blanket,

ensconced is our hero– Charlie, an egg.

Dewy and downy, and covered in soil.

Another mayfly, another mouth at the plate.

Young one fast find your place in this world

Or succumb to the toil.

Fast before she skates

to the other side of the log.

Hey Charlie! Take us on a trip,

even skip across the dish. We wish.

May you get to the other side.

Away with you now Charlie,

you still have time to live,

forget the time to die. Take flight.

Loosen up and have some fun.

You’ll make it through the night!

Hour One, 9am

A Life in the Day (of the Mayfly)

(form/ Acrostic /series 1 of 24)

Charlie the Mayfly.


1st time’s the charm

Hey everyone-


So happy to participate this year!

thank you J.R. Turek for turning me on to this.

I am gonna need plenty of coffee….on USA east coast!

long live Strong Island!