So what if we are apart

S o what if we are apart,

We will always share, just one single heart.

The separation we are bearing,

Will one day prove to be fruiting.


I still remember the moments that we shared,

And how unknowingly  you have always cared.

Your small and cute deeds,

Have always helped me in my needs.


So what if we are apart,

I will never forget you and your smile at all.

The way you looked at me was so amazing,

That it always made me feel sparkling.


But sometimes I get irritated at your site,

I think it happened because I had a little might.

Still you never bothered to feel bad,

And with my rude behaviour you never get sad.


It sometimes becomes difficult for me to understand you,

Your strange behaviour make me miss understand you.


So what if we are apart!

I don’t care about that,

As long as we share just one single heart!

Nerd’s LOVE!


Book! Book! Book! are the only things they love,

Without books they cannot live in this world.

They don’t have even a single minute to waste,

And they don’t like to do anything in haste.


So how could a nerd ever fall in love,

With someone who is not a nerd.

If they don’t have time for anything,

Then how can they make their loved ones smile for something.


But, I must not forget that nerds are also humans,

For they have body and heart like humans.

Their heart also beat like ours,

Though they don’t know how love can be showered.


But nerd always make right choice,

For they choose someone before thinking twice.

For me to understand, it’s really very tough,

For I could never understand nerd’s LOVE…

Hate To Love


Dear Love,

So beautiful, Innocent and pure

Every disease you can cure

Yet been not liked by many

You have less friends and more enemy.



Hello Hate!

I love the way you say

But, you are strong, witty and bad

You have make people sad

Yet you reside in many life

And I cannot understand this strange plight



O stupid feeling!

You can never understand this strange dwelling

The world now have more space for me,

You cannot reside here after becoming so old and weak


Now, your kind gestures cannot be gained

So go away and come back never again



Dear hate,

I know the world is changed

But, people still cry for me in vain

The sound gets crushed under your loud noise

Which makes people cry,

hiding their plight.


I know your space is more than mine

But without me, this world cannot be fine

I want to overcome you by my name

In 21st century this is my only aim.



Before you get completely crushed, go to heaven and enjoy your life

I own the earth so I shall make it mine

Even if you’ll try t make your space,

You’ll be crushed by haters with an easy ace


You shall no longer dwell on this unworthy earth

So, forget it as your place of birth



I am born here, And will die here

However I cannot die until you are there


Without you I cannot live here even,

Because we are like hell ad heaven


I know that world has become selfish,

But I will continue to cherish


And sooner or later I will get the fruit of my action

When every heart will blossom and peace will be showered


I am blessing of god and you curse of evil,

Living on earth you create only upheaval.


I know and I will win,

The light shall no longer remain dim



I give up O! lovely Love

Arguing no more would be a sin

You are conqueror of death

The how can I even hope to win

Pray where I live you also get place

And with you, the world become Happy, united and Chaste!


Lost Childhood


I am still quite small,

Though I am little tall

I don’t wanna be called as mature,

As it makes me feel little insecure.


I love the innocence a child have

I neither wanna grow up, nor behave like that


People forces me to grow up,

That smothers me even if I show up


I still love to smile at silly things,

And run everywhere with little wings


I don’t wanna get involved in worldly pleasures

I hate the hypocrisies that adults make with false gestures


No! I don’t wanna called as Adult

As it make me do false conjectures.


Forgetting about the world’s falsehood, in order to live a happy livelihood,

I want to go back in my lost Childhood.

Never Underestimate A Girl!

Never underestimate a girl,

Because she is not a jerk,

When she helps you even when you don’t worth

She hides all her painful secrets

To keep everyone happy and tries to be figurative

She could hide all her tears with fake smiles

Just to make you happy she always remain quite.


She is strong and she can behold

She could be powerful as 10 men as whole

But she loves to live a soft life,

Situation forces her to become harsh and wild.


When she talks harshly

It means she is hiding something deeply

If she keeps everymen out of her way

It means she is going through many catastrophes

Therefore she keeps everyone away.


She is strong enough to do anything she like

Towards a girl always be polite

And never say she can’t so this or that

Otherwise you’ll have to face her wrath.


So, never dare to irritate a girl,

And never underestimate a girl!

Thought Of Falling in Love!


The thought of falling in love is almost Killing!

As it sometimes hurt my sweet feelings.

Falling in love for me is so tough,

With a person who is more than rough.


But falling in love sometimes makes me smile,

As it makes my feet fly high in the sky.

The person with whom I’m goanna Fall in love,

Is going to be someone with a heart like a Dove.


Though thought of falling in love is not so good,

Yet it could fill my belly without any food.

When I will fall in love,

The whole world will watch, for I’m so tough.


But if I ever get deceived in love,

I would give up my thought of falling in love.


It’s Me!

Silently Living in this world,
Trying to make others understand my love.
The harsh reality of world makes me obstinate,
No one can understand me,
So I am left alone in emptiness.

Its true for me, the world is cheap
I’ve said it and I will repeat.
This world does not worth a girl like me
Because I am staunch and fear free.

Free a word this world cannot behold,
Because it is always told-
“Be what we want you to,
Not something you want you to”,
“You’ll be happy if you follow our dictates,
Otherwise we’ll make your life just a waste”.

But this cannot happen,
As it’s my life, my choice, and I’ll make it happen.

So I say this world is not for me,
I am different and I shall forever be.

Still I won’t leave this world
I will chase it to entity and make myself immortal

If anyone ever dares to come in my way,
I’ll destroy it: So better keep distance  and stay Away!

I will always do as I feel,
Because it’s not you, not others, ITS ME!


The Silence Of The Night!

The silence of the night introduces me to someone,

Someone who is very close to me, and yet I haven’t seen from years,

And lost it in my fast pacing life.

The pale bluish winter moon,

creates a blurred pic of an infant face

who was known but then was unknown.

The cold, slow and smooth breeze lifted me,

“though I was heavy” it carried me and showed me the moments of life I lost.

It showed me how I lost my Identity to someone very close,

making an identity in the world.

The silence of the night made me hear strange voices-

A cry of silent love, pain and emotions which were now seemed to lost somewhere

My mind reflected the image of person I lost,

And soon I realized that the image was slowly, slowly fading in,

and with it I slowly dozed off under the shimmering blue light of night sky,

covering myself with the blanket of peaceful breeze.

And then I met the person in my dream’s reality,

A beautiful girl, who name herself “myself” and then I promised myself to be “REAL ME”.