Greetings, Fellow Maniacs!

My name is Veronica.
In 1999 my first poem was published in a broadside by Kent State University and I was awarded a $2,500 scholarship for continuing studies.
Due to a nasty experience with a shady professor, my poetry didn’t see the light of day until fairly recently, when I shared a poem to a public poetry page on facebook.
Unbelievably, within 1 hour I was contacted by a credible editor, who requested 15 of my poems for an upcoming Anthology. I didn’t even have to submit.
So, 2 years ago I was published again.
Alas, though I appreciated the credit, this, too became a sour experience and one I regretted, for various reasons.
Point is I haven’t written a word since.
I am suffering a wicked writer’s block the likes of which I haven’t experienced since the late 1990’s.
I’m an old, bitter bitch these days, wondering if I can even call myself a poet anymore.
So I decided to Go Big or Go Home and sign up for this batshit marathon.
If I indeed complete 24 poems in 24 hours I will proudly retain my title.
If I fail, I will be Veronica, former poet and current Identity Crisis Sufferer.
Needless to say, I would like to continue to identify as a poet.
This challenge is ludicrous enough for even me, a well-documented legit maniac.
I’ll sleep when I’m dead, and in 3 days I’ll write 24 poems in 24 hours (because the half-marathon is for wimps) even if I have to submit 24 bad haikus. And, believe me, I write some REALLY bad haikus. They are a last resort.
24 poems in 24 hours or I am hanging up my hat.
I would really like to continue to be a poet, if I can, so wish me luck.
Like I said, I am a legit lunatic and this marathon seems like the next logical step in my midlife crisis.
I am a former bartender and current weirdo residing in Kent, Ohio with dreams of making enough poet-cash to move back to the East Coast of Maryland, which I never should have left, much like my pens and notebooks.
My basic strategy for success is to make sure I’m good and manic at 9am EST on the 22nd.
Not exactly sure how to achieve that, but haven’t ruled out illicit substances (kidding) or contacting and shacking up with my evil (and GORGEOUS) ex (not kidding).
Find out the answer when I do, at 9am June 23rd.
Best of luck,
We’re all crazy,
Veronica Falletta