Hour Twelve


When you left me standing at my door,
everything disappeared with you.
I have no clue what to do.
Without you, I am lost.
How was it easy
to leave again?
You took all
of my


Hour Eleven

Nature or Love?

I never see the forest for the trees
I always find myself longing to be in nature
and yet, I never know what to do when I get there

The first time I went to a state park
the forest ranger told me I needed to be
careful “This isn’t the city,” He said with a smile

What I always found funny is that
I was born out in the middle of nowhere
I have never even seen a skyscraper before

When I go outside, I always
try to look up at the clouds in the sky
everyone else can turn them into shapes I can’t see

Nature makes me feel different
It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,
I don’t belong in nature, just like a needle doesn’t belong in hay

Looking out at the vast
spread of trees within a park
makes me feel so alone in this large world

It’s actually quite ironic
nature almost makes me feel
like you used to before you took my heart and left








Hour Ten

The Holidays

My family sits all around
as I begin to open my presents
another year older and yet
two more steps behind

“When will you get married?”
“Why are you studying English?”
“How do you expect to make a living?”
“Writing won’t pay the bills.”

When did such a beautiful time
become such a nightmare?
I always seem to be the butt of the jokes
every holiday season

“Right now, I am focusing on me.”
“I love English that’s why.”
“I’ll figure it out, I always do.”
“It keeps me alive, doesn’t it?”

Isn’t the holiday supposed to be
a time of joy?
Maybe, I am the reason it isn’t
After all, who wants to spend the holidays alone?

Hour Eight

Red Queen

Man always wants to play God
some people barely scrape by
while others sit on their thrones
thrones made of those beneath them

There are few who have power
and do not abuse it
you are no better than anyone else
if you do not use your power for good

The wealthy do not believe in rags-to-riches stories
either you are from them or you are not
therefore, you must play the part
even if it means forgetting who you were

Love is not always two-sided
the boy you thought was good
may just be bad
anyone can betray anyone

-The last line is taken from Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

Hour Seven


  1. the way i should have responded when you left. you said it so fast, i wasn’t sure i heard correctly. i should have fought for you. asked you what i did wrong. after all, isn’t that what society tells women to do? it always seems to be a woman’s fault when the man leaves. when I was sure you were leaving, i should have cried. i should have written countless poems asking what i did wrong. isn’t that what is expected during heartbreak? instead, i just stood on the porch and watched your taillights disappear in the rain.
  2. how it felt when you left. i no longer felt like i was stuck in reverse. i could live my life on my own terms. “why is she so happy being alone?” i hear people whisper as i pass them. society tells us we should not be joyous in our independence. little do they know the truth of our relationship. i was finally free from my cage.
  3. now, i lie next to him. i do not feel the need to watch my words. i do not feel the need to give more than i take. is this love?



Hour Six


You take my hand in yours
as we roam the city streets
I never want to be anywhere else
you ask me if I have ever loved anyone
at this moment, I know I have
I can feel your heartbeat
like the sounds of our feet
as we follow the path before us
I know that I would follow you
into oblivion, if I could
I would do anything to
keep myself on this road
the funny thing is that
as hard as I may try
I always end up on my own path
and never the one before me

Hour Five

Digging Up Ghosts

When I found the time capsule, I was surprised, to say the least. I opened it up, knowing that you were the only one who could have left it there. This house sure holds a lot of your secrets, even from beyond the grave. As I pour over old photographs, I cannot help but feel your presence beside me. It’s been seven years now, since you left. It still feels like it was only yesterday. Your memory haunts everything I do. Everything I dream of becoming is because of you. I turned one of the photographs over to see a picture of you at my age. How I wish I could be half the woman you were. You taught me to fly at a time when I didn’t realize the importance of such a lesson. Now, I sit here digging up ghosts of the past. I know that there is a God above and that you are with Him. Yet, I cannot help but feel envious of what I am missing. I know I will see you again, but again cannot come fast enough. I cling to your photograph as I whisper, “thank you” to anyone who is listening.

Hour Four


I have always found it hard to get close to anyone.
You would always joke and say that I was a lot like a porcupine.
Cute, but yet so harmful to those around me.

I promise, I never meant to hurt you.
I never knew how sharp my tongue could truly be.
How many scars have I left in my wake?

I always liked to see myself as a sword.
That analogy always made me feel better.
It meant that I was no longer weak.

After that night, I never wanted to feel vulnerable again.
That’s why I covered myself in armor and picked up my sword.
It helped me keep myself safe.

However, the longer I keep this charade up, the more I realize,
If I am a sword, I am a sword made of glass,
and I feel myself beginning to shatter.

–  The last two lines are from Glass Sword, written by Victoria Aveyard.

Hour Three

Do You?

I sit at the table holding my breath,
as you give me another one of your
backhanded compliments.
Do you still love me?

I watch you as you play your video games,
ignoring me as I ask you multiple times
if we need anything else from the store.
Do you still love me?

I listen as you yell at me
for the hundredth time. Telling me
you hate that I write about you.
Do you still love me?

I sit in my car at the store,
crying, because I never do anything
right, anymore.
Did you ever love me?