The Finish

I can see the finish line
the ribbon yet to cross
I enjoy the marathon
and the sleep that is to come
I am so humbled
to finish this test
And to do it
with you the very best
I’m not alone in this
trialed contest
I have the poets heart
all those writing next to me
Let us cross the finish
with our last of this tired poetry

That Thread

I hear you calling
my name so sweet
You tempt me

You know that I
am very tired
with no sleep

I will finish this
proving that I can
do this once again

Your voice so tender
like velvet so soft
but I resist

I know I’m getting
older, staying up
is the challenge

You can show me
sleepy wishes
but I have to win

I shall sleep soon
upon my soft bed
but not yet I beg

You sit silent now
but it wont last
I feel it building

I ask you not to
whisper that
sweet lullaby

You think you have
me hanging but I
cut that thread

Night To Day

I see the light
peeking through
my window blinds
A chalky blue
after the nights
drenching storm

I’ll see the sun
rise through the
rain soaked trees
It’s been awhile
since I was awake
at this time of morning

I’ll watch the birds
chirp and bounce
upon the ground
And the squirrels
chattering away
along the fence

Good morning
to a new day
a future bright
And farewell
to the longest
of nights

I’ve Noticed

I’ve noticed all the
gray in my hair
the lines upon
my face

I’ve noticed the
weight gained
the pain in my
aching knees

I’ve noticed not
being able to bend
the strength lost to
stand again

I’ve noticed the
years as they pass
In the blink of
the eye

I’ve noticed my age
my blood pressure’s high
the pain in my
knotted hands

I’ve noticed I no
longer play and run
the days of youth
are long gone

I’ve noticed and
so have they
the best of me
and how they remind me

Always Have The Night

The darkness welcomes me
wraps like a cloak
around me
The stars shine high above
a whisper through the
thrilling dark
Small burning embers
from so far away

The moon is my conscious
placing every careful
guided step
The wind my shadow
chasing me, ahead of
me again
A dance I’ll always
cherish and remember

The morning just a little
ways away from me
The surrender, a plea to
enemies and occasional
Truce is sometimes called
but always ignored

The world is asleep
as I wake and walk
The dreams they see
are lost to me
But I shall always
have the night

Along The Cliff’s

She walks alone
the cliff so high
Waiting and watching
the glowing sky
Footprints below
along the shore
The waves crashing
hungry for more
Where the sea and
the sky meet
The sun begins to
take it’s seat
If not today
maybe tomorrow
Or will she always
be alone in sorrow
Shall he come
home to her
How much more
to endure
The days, the years
that passed
The sea stretched further
he eyes cast
Lost at sea
so she was told
She still waited
while growing old
Even in death
they see her still
The lady in white
waiting for her Will

Hidden Secrets

His secrets hidden
buried in his grave
even if she tells
they say its just
her game
What can she do
so lost and so
confused, all
alone in a world
of pain
She once ran away
tried to hide it all
but he found her
and she paid it
all again
His twisted sense
of justice, her
harsh time served
full of heavy penalties
in life
If it was just the
beatings or the
way he called her
names but no he
did more
Even in death
his secrets followed
her leaving her
scared and unable
to live
The past is the past
at least it’s supposed
to be that way, but
for some, it never
ever leaves

All Caught

In the stars
high above
Are the myths
that I love
Greek or Roman
somewhere in between
Are the stories
heard not seen

There’s a hunter
and the fish
A falling star
make a wish
Some were clever
some were not
But above they
were all caught

To Boldly Go

To Boldly go
to excitedly explore
To view the
stars I do implore
To Engage
and Make it so
To meet worlds
all they have
To race among
those stars above
To Trek galaxies
far and near
To gladly know
this universe
To Captain the
Starships new
To read the
Data left behind
To know of
such Enterprise
To discover all
the lonely and diverse


Under the stars
beneath the trees
along the road ahead
A light shimmers
to bluish life
an intoxicating mystery

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