The system is not broken

A reminder for us all that the system is not broken. It is here to maintain and perpetuate what is was here to maintain and perpetuate.


What systems are you maintaining today?

Missing good Cantonese food

I miss chicken feet

I miss the various forms of chicken feet

Soaked in vinegar

Dim Sum style

Snack style

I miss the flavors of my cuisine

And the depth of our story


By the textures



I miss Cantonese cuisine

What is time

Man made

Creationists made

White Christianity made

It does not exist

And yet so many are enslaved by it

Looking for a home in Raleigh, North Carolina

Do rich people know what being poor is like in present day America?

If I were to share my venmo @justgildedcages, how many people would send me funds so I could purchase a home?

If I wanted to attain property, how much support is out there?

Do people with excess know how to redistribute wealth?

Sometimes it scares me to think about it,

but I can’t afford to be scared.

Do people with a good, consistent, stable income know how many people are suffering from not having income, not enjoying the job/s they work at?

Do citizens of the United States comprehend that reparations have nothing to do with the government and have everything to do with white people giving money away without expecting anything in return except for peace?

Do people know what peace is? How it feels? How so many long for the small things and others are distracted by the petty things?

I wonder.

Clearly Not on Anyone’s Timeline Except My Own

I was woken up this morning at 5am because my partner came home late and I had been worried throughout my sleep.

When 9am came around I just snoozed and kept sleeping because my rest is more important than any other achievement.

Hello everyone!

Hi – my name is Tammie /zhao. l o l , it came out like that so I thought I’d leave it. This way the algorithm might lose again, ha!

I’m finding myself venturing into different pockets of the world – because there are so many!! (and yet, we all settle for celebrating when women’s clothing DOES have pockets)

So here I am.

I am a creative and civic entrepreneur who is in business to be out of business. I believe all the work we are doing present day should have the intention of resolving societal, political, environmental, psychological, industrial etc issues. Otherwise, the work isn’t worth it. Too many of us are working useless jobs making minimal wages and salaries that complement the roaring scarcity mindset that serves no one.

It is essential that we move out of survival mode and into a thriving mindset. It is essential to create opportunities, to share the wealth, to redistribute, re-funnel, to take action in lessening the gap however we can as individuals, because we need to be honest and recognize the government is a piece of shit that has never been here for the non-white and the non-rich.

I’m trying to leave a legacy I can be proud of on this Earth. I hope you are all too.