Another round of Anxiety11pm

Sitting around
trying to relax
thinking nothing’s
going to hurt me
But then a small seed
of panic

No reason to panic
I know everyone
that’s in the room
They won’t hurt me
aren’t going to take
advantage of me
I’m safe

Sometimes it’s a little
hard knowing everyone
and yet not letting them in
Let them see
the panic
the fear
the real me

I need to get out
of here
of the area
away from everyone

don’t let them see it
smell it
hear it
it’s so strong
that you could taste it

Everyone’s smells are
starting to get to me
starting to panic me
to the point that I
can’t breathe

Need to get outta here
the panic is getting
like everyone can sense
it and are creeping closer

I’m begging silently
Get away from me
Don’t come any closer
They aren’t listening

No one’s listening
like they can’t hear
like they don’t
even care
how I feel

Take a deep breath
Feeling so lightheaded
I feel so ill
like I’m about to throw up

it won’t stop
It gets stronger
it’s winning again
For another day

Sliding down to the floor
where no one can see me
Outta sight, outta mind
maybe it’ll be easier

not helping much
but some at least
a little easier to breathe
at least

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