Nightowl– 4am

It’s so quiet now
no traffic
no harsh lights
no demands on my time
no people

Perfect time to write
Plenty of stillness
for inspiration
I have what I need for a night
such as this

Cold shiver as I
start to prepare to
dive into this hole
the journey of which
is hard to explain

If you’ve never done it
you won’t understand
the exhileration
the painful
process that it can be

I can’t explain it to you

Quietly, petiently
trying to sketch out
the thoughts in my head

some come easy, others take time
others will not come at all
like loosening a tight bolt

what’s that
A spark of thought
image to start
a distant sound
mournful cry

plain paper
easiest to gather
thoughts on
walking restlessly

couldn’t sleep tonight
guess that’s why I’m
tucked here on the floor
against this old wall
not really tired though

I can almost hear the clock
in the hall ticking away the time

Running out of time
almost out of time
I can imagine it screaming

But that’s ok

I am in control
I set the pace
and that’s ok

Another bite of inspiration
this one delicious
yet dark and taunting

dipping into the dangerous
flirting with scary
what was that cold shiver for?

This spark scares me-
it’s going to take me
someplace I don’t want to go
but that’s beauty of my craft-
everything’s ripe for use

I can see it getting lighter out
now, the night is almost over-
I don’t know what to do-
I have so much more left
that needs to be said

Calm yourself
you’ll be ok
the night will come again
and there you’ll be

I can hear noise now
people getting up
ready to start their day

meanwhile I’m here
putting my craft to bed-
setting a reminder of
where I stopped-

just to pick it up once more.

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