Once more2pm

there are times that I want so bad
to tell my story to someone
ANYONE that would listen
about everything that has happened
to me

–This again?

I have tried so many times
in the past-
but no one listened
why would they?

–I don’t have time for this

they are comfortable in
their ignorance
their perfect little world
where nothing bad ever
happens and no one ever dies
or gets hurt in any way

That’s not the real world
that’s fantasy
I know- I’ve been there

–Have you now?

I’ve been in the world where
no one hurt me-
everyone went on living
even though people were sick
it’s a child like world

–You don’t know the meaning of it

I’ve been hurt
I’ve been touched by death
I’ve had to bury people that I
didn’t think I could survive

–You aren’t special.

I’ve had to relearn things
I’ve had to struggle to get to
where I am right now
I’ve had to hurt

I was a grownup before I
should have been
I’ve had to pay attention to
things that I shouldn’t have
had until I was married
or that I’ve had no business
to know

–we all have.

You don’t know my story
or my struggle
you haven’t had to go through
all you know is YOUR life.

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