Saved from fire3pm

There was a fire
at my home
everything was fine
or so I thought when I went
to bed last night

There wasn’t much time
to get out alive
let alone grab anything
to save-

Not clothes-
so thankful I was wearing pants
but one thing

I had this doll since I was
two years old
beautiful pristine little doll
now it’s worn with age and
looks like it came from the trash

Red Baby is his name
he was my one, constant
companion through it all
there for me-
when everyone else let me down

He went everywhere with me

eventually I put him away in a box
for my future daughter
but that never happened
so I took him back out-

I couldn’t leave him behind
He knows all of my secrets-
even the ones, I would prefer
that no one EVER know.

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