Table for two5pm

Softly darkened room
one lone candle in the center
of the table a scene set for

I didn’t expect to see you here
It’s great seeing you
But I’m meeting someone

It’s ok- It’s been awhile since
we’ve last talked to each other
How have you been?
Please sit, you have some time
I’m sure

I’ve been good
I’ve been worse
can’t really complain
How about yourself?

I’m always good hun
There’s been a few that
I thought I loved
far more that I didn’t

I should go- I have to meet someone
But yeah, I can stay for one drink
Scotch, neat

Of course- We aim to please
A beer for me, And the Lady’s drink
put it on my tab

I spent a lot of time thinking
about you and when you left-
Why did you leave?
Wasn’t I good enough for you?

I had to leave
I had to find others that needed me-
You understand of course.

That candle’s glowing
brighter now- Far brighter than I remember
Is that a tear in my eye?
Please; why would I cry for him?

It’s ok-
Don’t make this any more difficult
for me or you- this is how it has
to be now.

Is that candle getting further away?
it’s so so pretty-Let me have
a closer look leaning forward

What have you done to me?
I didn’t want this-
you can’t do this-
I’m meeting someone
I have to go

It’s ok-
I won’t leave you here
to do this alone-
I’m here-
slow, deep breaths

No, no don’t struggle
that’s not going to help
sshh, that’s it, calm calm

glancing around for the first time
It occurs to me that the entire
place is deserted.
even the waiter that served our drinks
is gone

would you like to lie down?
I can have a bed prepared
for you in a moment.
no, don’t struggle

That’s all I want to know
is why
just answer me that one question

This was the only way to get your
I’m sorry love
I truly am

Helplessly I start to cry
I feel you kneeling in front of
me, taking my hand in yours
your hand is so cold

I see you-
I see you for who you really
lost,scared, hurting, broken

you made an admission that
you wanted to die-
I am here to grant that wish
though I don’t agree with it

I don’t want to die-
People say that all the time
they don’t always mean it though
I didn’t mean it!

I can freeze this moment in time
But it won’t change anything
you’re going to die tonight

How could this promising night
turn into something so dark?
How could I have been so easily trapped…

At this table for two?

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