What the king wants4pm

He doesn’t want much
just people to talk to him
NOT that difficult-
starts with Hi.

People to hear Him
Sweet, sweet Spirit
Pour out your Love
Over me

Pay attention to
what’s going on around
From this Mess I’m in-
Save me.

Follow that star-
You know, like you follow
Music, Sports and other
earthly Things.
You know everything about those
What do you know about Him?

Still doesn’t want much
Just the pain from the
Losing your loved ones

The Joy from the Love
that came through your
open door
The hope for a better tomorrow
and so much more.

The anger at not getting
what you wanted
The guilt over the fights
The sleepless nights
he wants those too.

He wants to know your identity
Who am I>
that you would look at me
here on bended knee
and bow to me
that you would be my servant?

He wants the fear over
not taking a step
over not sharing something
you held back

This is not a relationship where
you fish.
He doesn’t ask that you cast and then
reel it back in

He merely, humbly asks
that you let it go
drop it on the floor
and walk away

He wants everything really
he did not promise it
would be easy
Did not say there
would be no cost
Did not say that he would
leave you

He DID however say:

I’m here
I love you
I died for you
It was worth it

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