Summertime Cold Feet

For as beautiful as it is outside
On this first full day of Summertime
It is amazing how cold my feet are
In the cool, damp grass
Especially on that one side of the house that gets little sunlight
I feel more alive now than I did
Before I chose to walk barefoot
Around the house
While the chill is appreciated
In the heat of the afternoon
It isn’t necessarily enjoyed so early
For now I’m actually shivering
Although to be walking barefoot
Summertime cold feet
Is still a gift
Which is prayed for
Much of the year

(Book 99 #19239)

One thought on “Summertime Cold Feet

  1. Hahaa 😁 … Summertime cold feet
    Is a gift much prayed for … .am sure my son will love this idea when I read these lines to him….he is extremely dry skinned n the soles of his feet like he puts it are “forever on fire” be it winter monsoon or summer…

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