Be Fearless

I have a lot to tell you in little time

It goes way down deep in my soul

Makes me burst out with words

Listen! Only when you listen can you hear

Don’t worry about my mask it’s just a disguise

To hide the pain to take the blame

And its weight off my shoulders

Not that It did anyway

As soon as the sun disappeared into the dark musky clouds

Gone were my creepy friends who were once my world

I was left with heavy step

And it beats to the rhythm of my bleeding heart

I met a deceiver and became the Punch receivers

My life felt silenced with a threatening vacuum

Echoing in fragments of anxiety

Causing nerve breaking curiosity

My face became addicted to many powders and concealers

Did they conceal the pain?

I wish I had known many things before we met

Then I wouldn’t have settled for less

My love and compassion wouldn’t have evaporated into hatred

Hatred for myself

Why am I here?

These words I speak have shed on ink

Sade blamed  me but Laide didn’t

Although I wished I had spoken out

Way back, way before the red flags

Way before the heartbreak

Way before I lost my sanity

Way before my bondage

Way before the fight and the flimsy excuses

Way before…

Tick tock, the clock beeps

Bidding the time,

Plastering the cracks

Mending the tears

Seeking help

Searching for peace

Finding Justice

You see I have known the Fox

I have met its pack

But now, I am the wolf who has joined the Alpha

Look, you need to realize that you’re not alone

They may call you weak

But you’re strong

They may call you ugly

But you are beauty

You are beautiful

So beautiful you let your scars

Become badges, badges of honor

To remind you of how much you’ve conquered

What you’ve conquered

In inches, feet, and yards

In seconds, minutes, and hours

For days, weeks and months

For years, decades, and centuries

To remove the veil of your face

Discard the mask

You’re worth more than gold

The world is on its edge waiting for your manifestation

Age has never been the barrier

Show them what you’ve become

Let them see what you truly are

A generation needs your touch

Grab those horns and live for you

Discover yourself and break forth

Stretch, stretch to the horizon

Like the eagles

Begin to see God’s creation in this new view

So that others can see the world through you

You matter to this generation

Because you matter To me.



2 thoughts on “Be Fearless

  1. What a difficult but necessary story is told here. I love how the hardship becomes victory! The lines ‘Makes me burst out with words These words I speak have shed on ink’ perfectly express the vulnerability felt here. Bursting out with words can be more cleansing than tears, wow, amazing work!

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