The Rewinding Motorcar

It was in the 90s, my father was rich and there for us

He travel on the weekdays but there he is on the weekends

He plays the Sunny Ade music from the new CDR he bought

Teaching us how to dance with our legs

The way Sunny the musician does

The tape stops , he frowns at it

Then he smiles, like the normal was just in briefs

He removed a red motor car from his pricey suitcase

He placed it on the ground and time us to gather around

He remove the cassette and places it in the boot of the shiny motorcar

Off it zoomed rewinding the tape

So that we could play and listen to the song with my Dad

Who loves dancing with his legs

Before the motorcar could rewind more cassette

The car blew up with theĀ  house we stayed

I said Bye bye, the red rewinding motor car

Even though it’s now a raging inferno

Rewinding my memories of the past



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