Poem 6

Dear, you:

One of my brightest students that I had never doubt,
I wish you could message or see me sometime so we can talk about,
The things you really want to write and want to do,
Or the feelings when you’re down and when you’re blue.

You know you should never give up, right?
I heard you want to make a movie, then you should write,
The love stories you had told me with the class,
I really love that picture of you lying on the grass.

You know she’s lucky to meet a guy like you at a young age,
Back in my day all the boys are just full of rage,
Plus, you’re a really good student with a brain,
Funny how only I got the jokes in your campaign.

Anyway, I really wish I could hear something about you again,
Know that I’m here whenever you’re in pain,
Those problems you have right now, they will not last,
They are just another test that need to be passed.

But my support for you is still unsurpassed,
You’re still a young man so have a blast!

One thought on “Poem 6

  1. What a nurturing and supportive poem – really perceptive to the growth and development of this young man and the potential he possesses. A great connection with a bright student – and I applaud the care you show!

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