Teachable moments in Lagos

Beautiful, rich, glittering, chic, urbane, topping that unkempt smile that traffic us to sleep on sluggish wheels.

This evening, she is dotting. On the times after the wee hours of today, she wept & spat on her children. We hear her wheezes. Yes, its cold. Until when we are already afraid of the darkness we would tune up her voices.



These are teachable moments. Of our history. currates onto no short customs, the manuals we copy are what they just, copies of another version. Reel in these moments like it shall never pass, 😌 savour every drip of its torrent.

Let me mind you. Revolt, revolution, will save you. I minded you. Let me mend you. Save after me “Only if I don’t join it” it will save you.


Teachable moments. Of our history. We are the teachers, the land is our students. Following the class tracks set on the mud paths ofloading onto rainbowful homes.


Teachable moments. There’s no one way to teeth after all, these are the days of the eerie gods of demeanour. may they lane seige upon their totem. Late quakers, delivers of doom. Go back-lit and touch, torch, and touché.

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