I remember

I remember the nights you use to love me without distraction
The days you were relentless with your passion for us
I remember the fairytale you planned out
And I remember the day you tore it apart
I blamed myself
For the destruction of the pedal stool I thought you once built for me
I thought my lie was the reason for our disconnect.
So I tried harder
Harder to please you
Harder to satisfy you
I wanted you to know you were my everything
And when you threw that away I felt as though maybe I just wasn’t worth it
For months I was uneasy and you made it seem like I was just jealous or paranoid
Like it was nothing
You were just busy
But I knew you
I know you
I’ve been with you when you were busy but it never stopped you from loving me
That was your first mistake
You should have never shown me that what you later said was impossible was possible
You shouldn’t have forgotten the time when you were in love with me
Your actions
The consistency
You forgot because you were distracted
Your mistake was not thinking I would notice the little things
Your mistake was not knowing I would
But you know me remember
You had me down packed o
So why wouldn’t you realize?
There were small inconsistencies that I never mentioned because I didn’t want to be right
I wasn’t blinded by love I just chose not to see
I wanted to give you a chance to actually be different for me

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