I’m breathless.

You stole my breathe when you cried out for the first time.

I’m breathless.

By the discovery of so many unmarked graves!

Some were a similar age and size to you right now.

Some were never held by their mums.

My heart aches.

So much suffering and pain.

I’m speechless.

By the complete lack of an apology or attempt to heal.

By the world’s uncanny ability to ignore.

By the immature approach to meeting differences.

I’m ashamed by my pale-skinnedness.

I’m angry with the injustice.

Mindless pain and sufferings.

All because of what?

Fear? Hatred? A fucking “book”!

I hope you shred the pages that preach that incite such hatred.

And burn the parts that support standing by and doing nothing.

I hope you’re brought to your knees and grovel for forgiveness, only to never have it come.

I hope you have to face what you did.

What you’re STILL allowing to happen!

They were CHILDREN!

YOU were the adults.

You should have known better.

They deserved better.

WE must do better!

2 thoughts on ““Breathless”

    1. Thank you ❤️ It pales in comparison to the action we could do but it felt better to express. Hopefully it’ll inspire others to take action as well.

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