Hour 10

In the hush of the canteen

surrounded by rarely seen fir trees

along the concrete path to the university

with hot coffee in my cold hands

I make my way towards the fog

and early morning classes.

3 thoughts on “Hour 10

  1. I enjoyed this prompt and the words – always one or two tough ones to fit in! I like the shortness of your poem- the idea of heading to class in the fog – a metaphor perhaps for the journey of life through education and ‘what’s next’! I wonder if this could also work for your second line – instead of ‘rarely seen fir trees’, could it be an echo of fir trees… the idea that we feel like they are all that is left – like an echo? Just a thought – I liked the simplicity of your poem…

    1. thank you for taking time to read this poem and commenting on it!
      while ‘echo of fir trees’ does sound more poetic, I used ‘rarely’ to imply the lack of comfort in such times- when nothing is clear since for me nature has always been a source of comfort.
      thanks again ^^

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