Hour 20: Nightlife

The night in the city
Isn’t much different from the day
Less people and less cars
But the bustling still remains
Because it’s at this time
Under the stars
That they begin their day
Looking like any other passer by
You can’t tell them apart
From people you may see during the day
But for the eyes
Those reflect what they are truly within
Full of stars and just as dark
As the night sky, they dwell under
Never look at them in the eyes though
It’s easy to lose your way home
Once you do
For when you gaze at the abyss
It gazes right back at you.

6 thoughts on “Hour 20: Nightlife

  1. I loved in imagery and repetition in the poem, “Nightlife.” Well done Bhasha! I loved the repition of stars in the sky and peoples’ eyes…I also loved the contrast between day and night. This poem has so many good lines! There are a few places that could use punctuation…hyphens, dashes etc for effect…Passers versus passers…just check agreement. This is a beautiful poem and my favorite from scanning your others. I love the topic, description-everything!

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