Hour 23: Little Women

I remember when I got you
I was small and so was the edition
A little old, oh how I loved the texture
And the slightly off colour

I remember you had a special place
You never went to the bookshelf
But stayed right there—
under my pillow case

And I read, didn’t I?
I read you every night
Marking my favourite quotes
With one of my prettiest pens.

I learned so much from you
About kindness, and family, and love
I know I laughed and cried
Alongside the March sisters.

I wanted to play Pilgrim’s Progress as well
And let go of my bundles in the end
Wanted to write like Jo did
And maybe get published as well!

I don’t know when it happened
If I grew old enough or you did
To actually go and stay behind
A hidden corner of the bookshelf.

But even if our rendezvous did end
I would never forget
When I got you and for me
You will always have a special place.

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