Hour 6: The Dragon on the Branch

High upon the tallest tree
On the wooden branches
Perched a dragon
Looking out into the sea

It’s wings all curled up
(I wonder how big they must be)
It’s scales gleaming in the rays
Of setting sun scattered through the sea

And I looked and looked at it some more
While waiting – for something to happen
For it to move or lean or stretch or..
Anything really!

But still it sat with wooden eyes
On the high branch of the tree
Just, simply, plainly
looking over the sea when–

The ringing classroom bell brought me back to real life
Where maths problems were the reality
And dragons on branches existed only in crevices of bored minds
Imagination fueled by lack of fantasy

With a last look outside the window
I sighed as I moved on to another story
Entirely missing the dragon on the branch
Finally unfurling it’s wings and flying towards the sea.

One thought on “Hour 6: The Dragon on the Branch

  1. The flight of the dragon( or may I call, the flight of fancy) at the end is ultimately rewarding. Perched in the crevices of bored minds, onto the next story…..
    It an unforgettable play of words and fancy!

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