Palindrome, Madam? : Response poem for “A Question for Anna” Micheal Faudet; Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty pretty things, madam.

the poestess’ “Top spot”


Madam, in Eden I’m Adam.

Now Eve, we’re here.  We’ve won.


Hey Anna, Take a bite.

refer, mom

moon seen at noon

eye for an eye, maybe a boob?


level – under radar

Naomi, did I moan?

tenet of solos

Did I? I Did!


Not so, Boston.

no word, no bond, row on

sagas made of words



live evil by Sabbath plays

Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas

evil live by the misfits

Did I? I did!


never odd or even

ho-oh or the wizarding world

red rum, red rum


are we not drawn onward we few drawn onward to new era?

Did I? I did.



Amanda Potter©: 2019 Poetry Marathon

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