Light Prompt (Hour 20)

Solitary you arrive and
quickly expand to the perimeters.
Marking the beginning and end of a day,
the beginning and end of life.

In the darkness, a familiar comfort,
a bright flower radiating through the unseen.

The lighthouse, spiraling beacon,
repelling siren warning of the shore.

A headlamp, worn to bed,
to read the book kept on the nightstand.

The lantern on the corner
bright enough to keep the ball game going in the street

Under the bus stop, avoiding the rain,
the cherry of a cigarette piercing the pale gray smoke.

A drop of sun caught in the earring below her left cheek,

The afternoon beam bent through the front window
throwing prisms on the living room carpet.

A campfire in the winter,
brightening all that is blanketed by the snow.

The untouchable sliver of sunlight
dancing on the water’s surface.

Beneath the cooling stone, the red fire glow of molten lava

Shining beyond its shape.
the inner glow of gold brought to the surface.

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