To Find You

I look for you.
A status on a timeline.
I look for you and your stories.
I search for you among
The masses,
Hoping to find you are well.

I think of you when a picture comes up.
I laugh and reminisce
About when we were in love.

I look for you to find what could have been
And what was are for the best.
Your heart did better with another.

I look for you in a sea of what is a web
To verify,
I made the right choices.
I look for you,
In love.

7 thoughts on “To Find You

  1. Dear Acheairs,

    Your poem is strangely reminiscent of a dream I had two weeks ago. I wrote a poem called “Closure”, and very painful, as it were, to admit that for all these many years, I kept hidden in my heart an undying love for the soulmate of my life. I released him and feel a gentle, yet complete closure.

    Seventh Solstise

    1. I think that is a blessing in our lives. To let go of these past loves. It frees us from these chains we created; that hold us in this place where we can never move forward completely. It’s beautiful to set the love free in the universe. I’m glad you were able to get that closure.

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