Twisted Truths

A series of unfortunate events
Turned love
Bitter hate.
And setups.
Create a fire so massive,
Love cannot
Live here

She cries for him,
He moves on from her.
A beautiful tragedy
In life.
Emails are the new paper trail.
Logged in apps
The new PIs.
And all we do
Is search for the
Lies over truth,
Hate over love,
Instead of searching
For the beauty of
And the moon.
We look for the ugly
In it all.
And she found it,
In twisted truths.

2 thoughts on “Twisted Truths

  1. You had me at he moves on… and in the papertrail. Oh goodness, I see and hear what I can only display behind my eyes. Tears and pain. Maybe I m still living with deep regret. Like 40 years of letting THE one get away. DAMN!

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