Seasons Of The Life…

It’s not unknown,
The tale about the four seasons,
And the symbolism that each holds.

So let’s start with the Queen of the Seasons – Spring,
Spring Season symbolizes birth.
True to its meaning,
Nature blooms during this season.

Then comes Summer,
Breaking the door down,
With its youthful charm and courage.

Autumn Season the next in line,
Fixes the door diligently,
Symbolizing adultness and maturity.

The fourth season,
We have come to the end of the cycle,
All hail the King of the Seasons – Winter.

Winter Season,
Termed as a period of gloominess,
For it brings along some unwanted guests,
Old age and Death.

Winter and Spring,
The King and Queen of the Seasons,
One brings death,
The other birth.

Don’t you see it?
The old-age tale is true,
Seasons represent the cycle of life,
Beginning from the birth and ending with the death,
These are seasons of the life.

– Addy

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