Ifs, Ands, Maybes

i am sick of “ifs ands or maybes”

the possiblys and kindas rolling off the jokers tongue.

i am more than just a “eh, well i guess” or “we’ll see.”




left here on my toes a while ago, planting thorns on my running shoes.

i am more than a “if”

i am a definite.

prettier than a “and”.

i am the one, the only.

more stronger than a “maybe”.

a “yes” is the exchange i’ll take.

don’t bounch my checkbook with these sorry transactions.

i am a “definitely”, a “absolutely”, a “will go right now” type of woman.

i only deliver promises. never indecisive thoughts of “ifs ands or maybes”

i deserve better and i will get it.

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