Warrior (1/2 Marathon, Hour Twelve)


She is everything.
They seek her blood to drink and mix with their own,
Not knowing that her blood will poison their hearts, livers, lungs.
Not knowing that revolution eats through stomach lining.
Acid on a quest for liberation
Will leak from bowels,
Burn through skin,
Dissolve any resistance,
Before she would ever allow her secrets to become one
With their weakness.

They desire her.

She is everything.
They wish to consume her sweat, her tears.
Even her feces has more power than the strength of their bones.
Defecation will produce more life than their hopes and dreams.
Her spit is magic to them
But it will burn their corneas
Before she would ever think to share one wisp of her legacy
With their evil.

They worship her.

She is everything.
Her hair, two strands stronger than the muscles in their legs.
Her locs will break chains and bind lies
They are worthless in her eyes
And no pity touches her heart
As she severs their spines.
They deserve no mercy and die
Without absolution.

They fear her.

She is everything they wish they could be.
She is everything they have ever dreamed.
She is everything they would kill to have.

But she will destroy them. And she will be free.

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