As Water


The purple flowers along the stream

Shrivel under your step


The wind tearing at my hair makes it impossible to see the hillside path ahead. Soon enough the rain washes away the horizon. I am as water, rushed into the ocean with the stream.



Our Ocean keeps breath in your lungs

Against all odds, you survive.


It’s a fantastic world; alien and beautiful. Time is not measured here, and everything seems to be a work of art; thoughtfully assembled, priceless and unique. It’s an impossible realm, yet so close to home for those who seek it . . .



You are carried back to shore. You  wake up to the warmth of sun-dried rocks against your skin.

You step onto the unfamiliar land. 


Everything you know, washed away . . .



Run back to the ocean, with your heart overflowing

Into a River of Joy, which you can follow to your destiny.

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