Repressed Water Pipe

Burst water pipe,

I never liked water. 

Dig down 

Clink clink 

I stumble on a time capsule; its origins are unknown. 

There is a lone photo inside 

And a poem 

I read the poem first. 


The rest of the top line has been smudged. 

“I’m sorry. You were the light of my life, you gave me life as I gave you yours. I took it away. Maybe we’ll meet some other day, but not too soon.” 

I unravel the faded photo. 

There must have been a leak in the capsule. 

A mother sits with her young daughter on a swing, 

It seems familiar. 

I didn’t keep many photos following… It was too hard. 

They tell me it’s unhealthy to repress memories. 

The water was shallow; I turned for only a brief moment 

She was gone. 

The poem should have read “Dear Margaret, my loving daughter.” 

Time to fix the water pipe. 

I never liked water. 

6 thoughts on “Repressed Water Pipe

  1. Haunting and captivating. Right from the beginning I wondered at the line, “I never liked water” (what a strange thing, which life depends on, to not like). As the truth was revealed, it gave a sharp new meaning to the repeated phrase. I thought the whole path of the story was gracefully executed.

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