Dragon’s Ire

He’s done fighting himself on what he wants

And he wants her

He will have her

This he knew to be true


He had waited and waited

Waited for her to see

To see him

To want him


No more would he wait

She was hers and no one else’s

This night he would stake his claim

Tonight he would take what was his


The day seemed overlong

He watched her through his haze

The fires within him burned and blazed

The flames of his desire scorched his soul


His heart would burst from the longing

To feel her by his side

Beneath his weight

Taking from him what was rightfully hers


She would know come morning nigh

Whose heart would cradle hers so tight

The one to keep it safe and secure

Never raising a hand nor uttering a curse


In stealth he would secure her hand

Through an open window left for him

Inside she would wait on gossamer sheets

For the one she is fated to mate


The window is locked

Entry denied

His ire fueled by untamed desire

No door no bolt would forbid him entrance


Fires blazed windows cracked

Doors blew in on dragons hot breath

He lifted her gentle as a flower

To take her back to his mountain tower



*He’s done fighting himself on what he wants.*

Borrowed from “When He’s Dark” 

Written by Suzanne Wright 

An Olympus Pride Novel

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